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AOP Christmas Ugly Sweater


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All Over Printed Christmas Ugly Sweaters are a unique and eye-catching variation of the traditional holiday sweater. As the name suggests, these sweaters are designed with an all-over print that covers the entire garment, creating a bold and vibrant look. Unlike the more conventional Christmas sweaters that typically feature a central design or pattern on the front, All Over Printed Christmas Ugly Sweaters extend the festive theme across the entire sweater. This means that every inch of the garment is adorned with a variety of Christmas-inspired images, such as snowflakes, candy canes, Santa Claus, reindeer, ornaments, and other holiday symbols.

This product is made on demand. No inventory. No minimums. Fast fulfillment processing time.

  • Lycra Fabric
  • Moisture Absorption (fast-drying sweat)
  • Leaves no polluting waste after printing
  • Cover sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL

*Onospod Produce and Ship This From Vietnam to United States

**USPS Express Shipping

Time VN to US: 3-7 business days

**Production Time

Time: 3-5 business days
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Custom All Over Print Women Legging Information

  • High-quality materials without fading, cracking, peeling, or flaking vibrant colors that won’t fade.
  • Dry clean, hand, or machine wash are also acceptable.
  • Dryer-safe without any fading, peeling, or wrinkling, quick-drying.
  • Full US size from S to 5XL
  • The product is made on demand. No minimum required.
  • Made in Vietnam, in-house manufacturing

Bellow Base Cost and US Shipping Cost

Base cost + US Shipping Cost
Vip 1 Discount Vip 2 Discount Vip 3 Discount
As Design x S
20 USD
-0.2 $-0.3 $-0.4 $
As Design x M
20.5 USD
-0.2 $-0.3 $-0.4 $
As Design x L
20.5 USD
-0.2 $-0.3 $-0.4 $
As Design x XL
23 USD
-0.2 $-0.3 $-0.4 $
As Design x 2 XL
23 USD
-0.2 $-0.3 $-0.4 $
As Design x 3 XL
26 USD
-0.2 $-0.3 $-0.4 $
As Design x 4 XL
26 USD
-0.2 $-0.3 $-0.4 $
As Design x 5 XL
26 USD
-0.2 $-0.3 $-0.4 $

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