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We built a A-Z online management system and it works well. We are using print systems from Japanese technology and mainly produce All Over Print Gearment and Handmade items to ship to USA. We understand that the demand of printed products is increasing; hence, we would like to expand our business and look for a potential opportunity of cooperation

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Always ready to print your dream works

Being one of the leading online printing services in Canada, we offer one of Canada’s largest assortment of Print Products and we’re always testing new, unique products to add to our catalog.
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Custom Boxes

4 reasons to Start Fulfilling/Dropshipping with us

We have all the equipment, know-how and every thing you will need to receive fast, reliable printing services with high quality results. Chat live with us today to get things moving.

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Connect your store

Connect your store to Printes, add your products, and set your own retail prices

Customer places their order

A customer buys from your store, we charge for fulfillment, and you keep the profit

Printes fulfills the order

We take care of your order from A to Z, and control the whole fulfillment process

Order ships to your customer

Your customer receives their order with your brand attached to it

Our team

We are the best team!

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