Connect Your Shopify with Onos App

This doc will guide detail steps to connect your Shopify Apps by using Onos POD.

You have 2 ways to connect your Shopify Store with Onospod

Way 1: Download & Install Onospod on Shopify

Way 2: Create new account on Onospod and connect your store

Get’s start!

Way 1: Download & Install Onos on Shopify Store

1. Open your Shopify Store > Download Onospod App

Onospod App free for download. You can download and install here: Download Onos

download onos print on demand shopify app

After installing Onos app, at your Shopify dashboard, you can use Onospod for their fulfill.

2. Way 2: Connect Shopify Store via Onospod

Create your account at:

Then open Stores > Connect to Shopify Store:

add print on demand store

Interestingly, Onos supports to manage multiple Shopify stores at a single dashboard.

connect shopify store print on demand

You’ve connected your Shopify store successful with Onospod.

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