Topup Manual Print on Demand with Onospod

To fulfill your print on demand order, you need to have a fund on your digital wallet on Onospod Shopify App. When the order is placed on Onospod Shopify App, you need to add a fund on your digital wallet to process fulfillment.

This doc will guide the detail way to use topup manual to digital wallet:

To use Topup money manual, you have to follow 2 steps: 

  • Transfer Money to our payment account
  • Submit your payment transaction on Onospod and wait for us to confirm

1. Transfer money to our payment account:

We – Onospod – are available 4 digital wallets payment:

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Payoneer
  • Pingpong

You can send your money to [email protected], your money will be transferred successfully within few minutes, we will check and accept. Then you just start to fulfill the order.

  • Onos Paypal Account:
  • Onos Stripe
  • Onos Payoneer
  • Onos Pingpong

2. Submit your payment transaction on Onospod and wait for us to confirm

When you transfer your money successfully, please refill the following information:

  • Amount: Amount of money that you’ve transferred
  • Payment Method: Choose one of the payment method that you’ve used
  • PayPal/Stripe/Payoneer/Pingpong Transaction ID:
  • Messages from customers to Onospod admin

After submitting, we will approve your payment manually in minute. Then you start to fulfill your orders.

You can check your balance here: Admin > Billing > Balance

check balance topup manual

You ‘ve topup money to Onospod wallet successfully, with your balance in your account, you can start to fulfill order immediately.

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